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Arduino IDE for Visual Studio and Atmel Studio

Visual Micro is a free Arduino programming Add-In for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008-2013 and for Atmel Studio 6.1-6.2 that allows any Arduino project to be developed, compiled and then uploaded to any Arduino board.

Visual Micro is fully compatible with the Arduino development environment and uses the same libraries, source code and development tools. The difference lies in Visual Micro's user interface which provides an advanced and professional development environment, which allows for more advanced development than the existing Arduino IDE.

compatible with all Arduino versions up to 1.5.6 + all Arduino boards and clones

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What does the term "IDE" mean?

In this documentation, you will often find the term "IDE". This is an industry standard term meaning Integrated DevelopmentEnvironment, that is a software application that incorporates a source code editor, build tools such as a compiler and a debugging system. The IDE is used to write, edit, build and test your software. Whilst Arduino's IDE provides a basic starter level IDE, Visual Micro in conjunction with Microsoft Visual Studio or Atmel Studio provides an enhanced and more functional IDE.

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Getting started

How the Software Tools Work Together 

First steps

1. Start your IDE

  • Start Microsoft Visual Studio or Atmel Studio

2. Setting up Visual Micro

If it is the first time after you have installed Arduino for Visual Micro, the Configuration Manager will pop up where you can configure your system. Visual Micro must know the version and installation path of your Arduino software that you have installed previously, see the Getting Started page, step 1. This  also applies to similar IDEs like mpIDE or Energia.

The Configuration manager looks like this:

Configuration Manager

 Note - If you work with different boards that required different IDEs, or if you have multiple version of the Arduino IDE installed, then repeat the steps above for each IDE. With multiple configurations installed, Visual Micro will always support the boards that are contained in the selected configuration. Read more.

 Note - You can open the configuration manager at any time later by clicking on "Configuration Manager" in the Visual Micro toolbar:

VM toolbar config manager

Now the initial setup of your system is done. You can now continue by creating your first project or by opening an existing project. Learn more on this page

Not available in the visual studio express versions, if you do not have Visual Studio Pro then please use Atmel Studio 6.2 it is free!
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Only micro-controllers made by Atmel Corp. are supported in the Atmel Studio version