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Arduino IDE for Visual Studio and Atmel Studio

Visual Micro is a free Arduino programming Add-In for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008-2013 and for Atmel Studio 6.1-6.2 that allows any Arduino project to be developed, compiled and then uploaded to any Arduino board.

Visual Micro is fully compatible with the Arduino development environment and uses the same libraries, source code and development tools. The difference lies in Visual Micro's user interface which provides a more professional development environment.

Features such as:- jump to code definition, jump to compiler error, class explorer, intellisense, code completion and a super fast compiler allow Arduino projects to be more easily created and upload.

Click to see full size image of Arduino programming in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

compatible with all Arduino versions up to 1.5.6 + all Arduino boards and clones

Visual Micro provides more features than can be described in a simple page. Please use the Documentation on this site to explore other features.

If you are new to Arduino then the "Arduino Examples and Libraries Explorer" might be of interest. The Examples Explorer allows individual example sources to be viewed inside the Ide. The Examples Explorer also provides the ability to clone an Arduino example into a new project.

Advanced users can switch off options such as:- automatic debugging, debugger message trottle (no delays), automatic creation of prototypes during build and make use of special hardware programmers such as the Atmel ICE3.

We hope you enjoy using this tool and will appreciate your feed back, questions or suggestions in the free forum, register here.