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Download the Arduino Ide for Visual and Atmel Studio

The Arduino IDE for Visual Studio and Atmel Studio. This is a new download page so it you encounter a security problem please use the contact us page. Thank you!

Please install either Atmel Studio or Visual Studio prior to installing Visual Micro (otherwise you will need to run the Visual Micro install again)

>> Download Visual Micro

youtube overview. A quick start guide is at the bottom of this page.

July 2014 - The latest beta is 1407.08 which contains support for 1.5.7 + many useful fixes and additions especially for the serial monitor and debugger. We have a new download facility so please ignore any warnings about infrequent downloads!

You can download the Arduino 1.0.x or 1.5.x software from

Getting Started

The Arduino software is the toolset most Arduino users start with.
You need the Arduino software because it provides the gcc toolset, the Arduino software library, and an uploader that will later work in the background.

You can download the Arduino 1.0.x or 1.5.x software from

note: Visual Micro always tries to support the newest versions of the Arduino software.

Install either Microsoft Visual Studio or Atmel Studio

Visual Studio or Atmel Studio are IDEs, Integrated Development Environments, the programs you write your code in, that compile it for you, and that upload it to your board. 

Visual Micro is needed to use them as an IDE for your Arduino boards.

Download Atmel Studio


Download Microsoft Visual Studio

Supported Versions:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and higher
  • Atmel Studio 6.1 (June 2013 +) and Atmel Studio 6.2
  •  Not supported: Microsoft Visual Studio Express (any versions)

Newer versions of these tools will be supported by Visual Micro soon after they are released. Check theRelease History page for the newest information.

Install Visual Micro

Visual Micro is an Add-In for Microsoft Visual Studio or Atmel Studio.

  • Download Visual Micro from here or click "Download" at the top of this web site
  • If Visual Studio/Atmel Studio is running, then close it
  • Run the Visual Micro installer that you have just downloaded

Setup Visual Micro

The following page guides you through the first steps needed to set up your development environment. At the end of these steps, you will be ready to write, compile, debug, and upload your Arduino sketches

If it is the first time after you have installed Arduino for Visual Micro, the Configuration Manager will automatically open allowing you to configure your system. Visual Micro must know the version and installation path of the Arduino software that you have installed previously, see the Getting Started page, step 1. This also applies to similar IDEs like mpIDE or Energia.

The Configuration manager looks like this:

Configuration Manager

That's it! You have installed and are ready to use Visual Micro

Your First Project

Once your system is setup, you can start to create new projects or open existing Arduino projects created in the classic Arduino IDE.

There are many ways top open existing Arduino projects but this guide explains the simplest for new users.

If you are familiar with the classic Arduino IDE, you know the concept of sketches. Arduino Sketches are software projects consisting of one or more source files, which have the file name extension .INO or .PDE in the classic Arduino IDE.

In Atmel Studio and Visual Studio these are called projects, which also consist of several files that together build a complete software program. Visual Micro makes it easy to create projects from scratch or to convert existing Arduino sketches into projects.

Click one of the links below to learn more.

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