Admin Visual Micro - Arduino IDE fun for Visual Studio

Download the Arduino Ide for Visual and Atmel Studio

Unless you already have an Ide installed, please install either Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition and Atmel Studio prior to installing Visual Micro

14th Novemeber 2014

download the visual micro plugin (requires .net3.5 to be enabled)



download the latest visual micro beta

enterprise/educational install for all users

please see the release notes and youtube for more info


Visual Micro supports the following Ide versions:-

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 (includes 2013 Community Edition)
  • Atmel Studio 6.1 (June 2013 +) and Atmel Studio 6.2
  •  Not supported: Microsoft Visual Studio Express

Newer versions of these tools will be supported by Visual Micro soon after they are released. Check the Release History page for the newest information.

full documentation


tip: switch between Debug/Release using the toolbar. Release mode is 100% Arduino compatible!



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