Visual Micro - Arduino IDE fun for Visual Studio

Download the Arduino Ide for Visual and Atmel Studio

MARCH 2015 NOTE: Arduino 1.6.2 is not yet supported. Intel 1.6.0 is not yet support. Teensy 1.6 is not yet supported. Stay tuned, more soon!

Please install either Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition or Atmel Studio prior to installing Visual Micro. An installation of the Arduino Ide or your choice of micro-controller Ide(s) is also required.

March 18th 2015 - Includes support for Arduino 1.6.1

download Arduino 1.6.1 or earlier from here

Download Visual Micro

Attention Windows 8, 8.1 & Windows 10 users:
You must enable .Net Runtime 3.5 first.

Download Microsoft .Net 3.5 Runtime enabling utility
or enable .Net 3.5 yourself using control panel



download the latest visual micro next release candidate (1503.18 Sp1)

 enterprise/educational install for all users

please see the release notes and youtube for more info

point release notifications


Visual Micro supports the following Ide versions:-

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 (includes 2013 Community Edition)
  • Atmel Studio 6.2
  •  Not supported: Microsoft Visual Studio Express. Use the Visual Studio Community Edition instead (free and better)

full documentation


tip: switch between Debug/Release using the toolbar to enable/disable the debugger. with the debugger disabled the compile is 100% arduino compatible


 Note for Windows 8 users

When you run the installer on Windows 8 you might get a warning from SmartScreen, stating that Windows prevented the installer from running. This is because Visual Micro is not specially certified for Windows 8. If such thing happens, please do the followng steps:

  • Click More info.
  • On the next screen, click Run anyway.




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