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Arduino for Visual Studio - Download from Microsoft CodePlex

The Arduino IDE for Visual Studio and Atmel Studio downloads are currently provided by Microsoft Codeplex. In the future we might move download provider so this page provides a reliable bookmark.

 >> Download from Visual Micro on Microsoft Codeplex

A free trial of the arduino debug tools are included with the plugin


Other News ...

Visual Micro now supports all Arduino versions,as of january 2014 (Arduino 0023, 1.0.5-r2, 1.5.5-r2, Intel Galileo). Beta for Energia and in our beta download section is a mature version that supports Pic32 with the MpIde

Try out the new "Micro Explorer" arduino learning tool in Visual Micro 1209.19 alpha (listed on codeplex under the "Downloads" tab)

Try our new Arduino Programming Reference and Tutorials Google Search

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