Download the Arduino IDE for Visual Studio

Too many updates? With so many changes, additions and so much functionality within the "Arduino", "Microsoft", "Atmel", "Esp", "Gdb", "Stm32" ++ worlds there are regular updates released for Visual Micro. If the frequency of the updates annoy you then please switch off Automatic Update via "Tools>Extensions and Updates". With "auto updates" switched off, Visual Micro will more politely notify you every few months when a major release is available.

Release notes | Download the Arduino IDE | Download the Visual Studio 2015 IDE or Visual Studio 2017 rc IDE

Have you got an installation problem? Please see the FAQ or ask in the Forum. Visual Studio 2013 and 2015 Community Editions are free. Atmel Studio 7 is free.

Visual Micro can also be installed and uninstalled from inside the Ide, by opening Visual Studio and clicking "Tools>Extensions and Updates" (recommended)

Download for Visual Studio (Recommended Version)  (previous releases)

20th June 2016 - Problem installing for AS7? Due to an error in the microsoft vs2015 shell (that atmel studio 7 uses) please install from within atmel studio Tools>Extensions and Updates>Online

Download for Atmel Studio 7

tips ...

Windows XP users: Visual Micro for As6.2 and Vs2010 is still free and available in the galleries

 Important for all VS2015 users (C++ is required during install):

Visual Micro requires C++ to be installed as a Visual Studio language. If you did not activate C++ when you installed Visual Studio, click "Download" and follow the instructions on that page to add C++ to your Visual Studio installation.

 Important for all VS2017 RC users (C++ is required):

RC notes: 1) color syntax and intellisense - .INO files might need to be configured/added as C++ files in "tools>options>text editor>file extensions" 2) optionally install Android tools for GDB debug

 Important for users upgrading from the older add-in version of Visual Micro (applies to vs2012 and 2013 only):

This note applies to Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 Only: Uninstall the older version of Visual Micro using "Control panel>Add or remove programs". After installing this new version you might see some menus or tool bars from the previous release. These can be removed by click "Help>Cleanup Old Version" or by right clicking and removing the bars or menus manually. The order in which you uninstall and install is not important.

 Important for Windows 8 users:

When you run the installer on Windows 8 you might get a warning from SmartScreen, stating that Windows prevented the installer from running.
This is because Visual Micro is not specially certified for Windows 8. If such thing happens, please do the following steps:
- Click More info.
- On the next screen, click Run anyway.

tip: Enterprises/Educational institutions: Read here about how to install for "All users"

Click to see full size image of Arduino programming in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.



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