Extending Visual Studio Intellisense - #if defined (VMICRO_IDE_INTELLISENSE)

NEWS/BETA TEST 28th April 2016  - New Clang intellisense system will shortly be released as the default project type for Visual Micro. Clang C++ project types (in Visual Studio) are a better fit for Arduino development than the current Microsoft C++ project type that Visual Micro uses.

How to use standard VS macros to control intellisense

Code (C++):

#pragma once

#if defined(_MSC_VER)

//insert dummy defs here



There is additional syntax if it helps you but please only raise clear support tickets in the forum hopefully with suggestions and not problems. Thanks!



//example: intellisense.h

typedef unsigned char uint8_t;


Tips: You do not need to #include the header in any source code. The header files does need to be included into the "solution explorer/project"