Local Project Arduino API Source

local project core and libraries are only available in the paid version of visual micro

!! For Advanced Users Only - Standard Arduino Does NOT Use or Require This Facility !!

Pre-release Draft - Beta June 2016  - These are new features in the full/paid version of Visual Micro

  • Local sources can exist below the src\_micro-api folder
  • The .txt files automatically created by the import are for information only (not used in the build process)
  • Core and/or Variants folders can exist. If either is missing the default core and variants are used
  • Libraries can be debugged when held locally. Cores will be debuggable in the not too distant future.
  • If a Library is also installed in the sketchbook/libraries or hardware libraries folder then the local library folder name must match the name of a .h header contained in the library
  • Manually adding or removing local api sources using windows explorer is the same as using the automatic add core>Local workflows. 

If you are new to Arduino please make sure you do not use local project core or libraries.