USB Software Debugger - Terms of Sale

Unique Machine Installations and License Usage

Teachers and educators are welcome to contact us directly to discuss bulk installs/licenses.

Registered charities may apply for free licenses.

The aim of the project is to raise enough to professionally document and enhance the Visual Micro plugin. This means it is our intention to ensure that prices stay low enough to achieve our objectives and also provide the largest of user groups.

Product upgrades and support policy

First a statement of what we CAN and do guarantee for all debugger license purchases:-

1) Free upgrades for at least 12 months after purchase
2) Free forum access,  issues and problems resolved on "as soon as possible basis", without any guarantees or warranties.

The two points above exist as a clear statement of what can be promised.

As it currently stands, the plugin supports many years of Visual Studio Pro versions 2008-2013 and Atmel Studio 6.1. The installer for the debugger is currently included with the standard plugin, this means that each update of the single Visual Micro installation program, includes both standard plugin and debugger fixes and additions.

Continued support for future versions of Atmel Studio or Visual Studio

The Visual Micro plugin requires a Visual Studio host to operate. We do not have any control or legally binding agreement with the authors of the two currently supported host applications, Microsoft Corp. and Atmel Studio Corp.

As you will know, large corporations are never able to guarantee what they will or will not provide in the future, but my personal observation is that both authors have demonstrated to long standing commitment to supporting addins/plugins within their applications for free. 

Personal observations aside, people must consider the importance of this "hole"

Continued support by Arduino

The debugger is heavily reliant on the Arduino core which has for some years supported the features we need to provide debugging. 

In theory, because the debugger uses the same Arduino commands that are common to nearly all Arduino sketches we will never loose the Arduino features required to make debugging possible.

The debugger can optionally use other serial transports, such as SoftwareSerial on any two digital pins that support interrupts. Again, this feature is dependent on how SoftwareSerial currently works.


Okay, so to cut a long story short at least 12 months of updates and support for all. 

We have a high degree of reliance of various third party software and all we can say is that we have committed our resources to this project regardless of this risk.

Please read our usage disclaimer