Which features are included in Visual Micro Pro?

This page shows some of the features of the current paid version. If you don't want to buy and enjoy using the free version then please leave reviews in the Galleries or post on Social Media.

The pro/paid version of Visual Micro is expaning all the time. 
  • Visual Micro's unique debugger (when supported) (Read more)
  • Parallel Builds (high speed)
  • No forced updates
  • Shared projects (vs only)
  • Edit and create libraries
  • Toggle hidden Arduino core and library source codes
  • Serial/COM auto-detect connection/reconnect
  • Serial send charp style escape characters to the Arduino
  • Serial Monitor - Logging
  • Local project board.txt build and upload property overrides
  • One-click create new Arduino libraries
  • Share code files/short cuts from other projects
  • Organize code into sub folders
  • Data Plots and Charting
  • Uploading without recompile
  • View Arduino and Library Sources
  • Use the Library Manager to install new libraries
  • Disassembly viewer (where supported, request new hardware in forum)
  • Advanced memory report
  • Almost real-time free memory report
  • Add compiler flags
  • Pre and post build events
  • Support for additional programmers
  • 1 year of free pro updates
  • Off-line activation version (with zero-internet) available for site licences
  • Supports open source instrumentation plugins (examples included)

We try our best to support all features for all boards and ide's. It's not always possible to achieve that so please report issues and make requests in our forum. We will always try our best to fix issues and add new features but there are no guarantees. This applies to requests for usb or gdb debug support for currently unsupported or pre-release hardware.

Thank you for supporting this project.