Arduino 3rd Party Hardware GDB Configuration Guide

by Visual Micro 17. January 2016 17:40



Intended Audience


Arduino 3rd party hardware authors who want to extend Visual Micro to support one-click debugging for previously unsupported hardware.




Visual Micro supports the standard hardware definitions defined by each Ide version. These definitions usually include a boards.txt and platform.txt.


The following example is the definition of GDB debugging with OpenOCD for the Texas Instruments Stellaris LM4F/120


1) Boards.txt - Provide the name of the OpenOcd .cfg script for the lm4f120


# Boards.txt - LaunchPad (Stellaris) w/ lm4f120 (80MHz)

# ------------------------------------------


2) Platform.txt - Configure all boards to use OpenOCD+GDB  


# Platform.txt - LMF4

# ------------------------------------------


# master switch to enable the gdb debug tool





tools.gdb.pattern="{path}/{cmd}" -interpreter=mi -d {build.project_path}





tools.gdb.openocd.pattern="{path}/{cmd}" -s "{path}/scripts/" -f "{path}/scripts/{build.openocdscript}"

# --------------------------------------

note: OpenOCD is optional. v9.0 is currently installed with Visual Micro spo the location will always be the same (as shown below).

Attachment: The attached platform.txt and boards.txt files are the Arduino 1.5 style definitons used by Visual Studio to compile the Energia Stellaris lmf4 core. Both files are optional and are used in combination with the "actual" defintions that might be installed with each Ide.

boards.append.txt (419.00 bytes)

Please submit new defintions that your would like to be distributed with Visual Micro via email or our forum. Arduino 1.0, 1.5, 1.6 formats are supported, all three can be installed at the same time.


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