Arduino BOARDS.TXT Editor

by Visual Micro 11. May 2013 09:59

  Windows program for editing Arduino BOARDS.TXT and PROGRAMMERS.TXT files

NEW in version 1.1: Pinout images of most processors and boards with Atmel and Arduino port numbers

You can create, edit, duplicate, disable, rearrange and import boards and programmers.

The edit window offers documentation on every field of the board description.

Include, exclude, create, clone, edit new boards

Edit, create, clone, activate and de-activate boards

Edit the properties of any board. If you are using Visual Micro, after saving changes to boards click "Tools>Arduino>Reload Toolchain" to instantly code and compile using the new or modified boards.

Edit board properties and view property reference guide

Currently supports Arduino 0023>1.0.x 

Software Author: Heinz Kessler: