"One Click" add new source and header file(s)

by Visual Micro 11. April 2010 13:57

In the lestest product version the following functionality has been moved to the standard visual studio menus such as File>New or right mouse click project "New"

The "New" menu contains two very useful options enabling new files to be quickly added to an arduino visual studio project . This is a useful features if you often need to add a new .c and .h files to your projects.

note: To add files to your arduino projects in visual studio you can always use the standard visual studio "add file" or "add existing file" options.

Workflow Objective

Create a new .c file named MySubFile.c to the project (if it does not already exist) folder and link it to the project "Source Files" filter

Create a new .h file named MySubFile.h to the project folder (if it does not already exist) and link it to the project "Header Files" filter

Insert an #Include for MySubFile.h to the currently active source file (or .pde)

Open the new files for editing

How To

1. Choose to add .c/.h or .cpp/.h

2. Provide a name for the new files

3. Visual Micro does the rest!