Navigating the Navigator. ArduPilot in Visual Studio 2010

by Visual Micro 2. May 2010 13:31

Editing any of the ardupilot versions using visual studio 2010 really shows off the quality of the ardupilot code. I love people who comment their code. Very neat!

And look how easy arduino project "navigation" is in Visual Studio, you can "Go To" the right place in the code.

I didn't know where the stabilize() function was but visual studio "Go To Definition" took me right to the attitude.pde. The intellisense in visual studio works best with well stuctured programs such as ArduPilot!

You need Visual Micro to make this work easily in 2010. It is free and quite new so the help system is a little confusing. Feel free to grab a copy.

The ardupilot code can't yet be compiled in visual studio due to the complex interaction between the multiple .pde files. However, Visual Micro adds a menu item to visual studio called "Open project in Arduino".which allows you to easily jump into the Arduino IDE to compile your mods. The next release of Visual Micro will allow compile and upload from within visual studio

What does it mean when Visual Studio disables an addin

by Visual Micro 11. April 2010 18:56

If Visual Studio 2005/2008 encounters a problem with an addin it will disable it by altering the addin xml.

To enable the addin again ensure the addin xml is in the "\document\visual studio x\addin\" folder, as per the installtion guide, and ensure the following settings are in the .addin xml




"One Click" add new source and header file(s)

by Visual Micro 11. April 2010 13:57

In the lestest product version the following functionality has been moved to the standard visual studio menus such as File>New or right mouse click project "New"

The "New" menu contains two very useful options enabling new files to be quickly added to an arduino visual studio project . This is a useful features if you often need to add a new .c and .h files to your projects.

note: To add files to your arduino projects in visual studio you can always use the standard visual studio "add file" or "add existing file" options.

Workflow Objective

Create a new .c file named MySubFile.c to the project (if it does not already exist) folder and link it to the project "Source Files" filter

Create a new .h file named MySubFile.h to the project folder (if it does not already exist) and link it to the project "Header Files" filter

Insert an #Include for MySubFile.h to the currently active source file (or .pde)

Open the new files for editing

How To

1. Choose to add .c/.h or .cpp/.h

2. Provide a name for the new files

3. Visual Micro does the rest!