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Message started by Visual Micro on May 7th, 2017 at 3:53pm

Title: 1705.8
Post by Visual Micro on May 7th, 2017 at 3:53pm
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  • Reversed the new user experience changes from Feb 2017. First time usage prompts the Ide locations window. Advanced users who wish to work without an Arduino Ide can cancel and continue working with the "Visual Micro (No IDE)" option. The "No IDE" option supports board manager, library manager and sketch book custom hardware and libraries but will be missing the built-in hardware and libraries that are installed with an Arduino IDE (or clone).
  • Esp32 intellisense support
  • Fix: Shortcuts to library sources are added to the project if Toggle Hidden Files is enabled when adding libraries. note: This does not happen if "create a project when adding libraries" is enabled.
  • Board and library managers moved into the standard version of Visual Micro
  • High speed build moved into the standard version of Visual Micro
  • All local and custom library development moved into the standard version of Visual Micro
  • All shared project functionality moved into the standard version of Visual Micro
  • Board and Library Manager speed improvements
  • Board and Library Manager - Added new button 'Check for Updates'
  • Board and Library Manager - New global setting "tools>options>visual micro>contributions>update indexes". When 'True', Board and Library Managers will automatically check for updates when the managers are used. The default is False which requires the "Check for updates" button to be pressed before new BSP package_index.json and library.index.json urls are fetched/downloaded.
  • Added 14 day count down before the free version must be upgraded to the latest free. To help with support we force everyone using the free version of visual micro to upgrade at least once every 9-12 months.
  • Toggle Hidden Files - Due to bugs in Vs2017 the behavior has altered slightly. Variant shortcuts are combined with "Core". Library source shortcuts are grouped together for each library in a "Library Name" folder. The main difference is less virtual folders which can cause VS2017 to crash/hang.
  • Fuller and better defined experience for users of the unpaid free version. Nag screen once per day on first build. Software "required update by date" shown in "tools>options>visual micro>version". 14 day count down message in build output prior to the date. Free users must upgrade approx. every 9-12 months.
  • A trial is no longer automatically started for free users allowing the free software to be tested and used prior to starting a trial.
  • All types of shared project (in libraries) are available in the free version.

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