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Message started by Visual Micro on Jul 8th, 2017 at 9:12pm

Title: 1706.25
Post by Visual Micro on Jul 8th, 2017 at 9:12pm
Tested with Arduino 1.8.3 and below, Teensy,, Energia

[list bull-bluecheck]
  • Fix: Prevent compile and upload when sketch reaches the max size specified for the board. This important test was ignored in the last few versions of visual micro which allowed programs to be uploaded when they should not have been. Sorry.
  • Add option to automatically open the Serial monitor after upload. This feature has existed when debugging for a long time but now it is also available when uploading a Release version of a program to a micro-controller. Menu item :
    "vMicro>Uploader>Auto Open Serial"
  • Add more obvious setting that prevents boards from being Reset when debug starts. This mainly only affects boards that respond to the DTR serial property. The default is and has always been ON, switch OFF to jump into a running Arduino debug session when debug starts. Menu item "vMicro>Debugger>Reset or Delay When debug Starts"
  • Minor change in resolving tool dependencies. Tools that exist directly below a package are given priority when resolving tools for each platform. An example being that esp8266 might be installed under the \Sparkfun package and also under the \EspCommunity package. In this case espcommunity will use espcommunity tool versions and sparkfun will use sparkfun tool versions. In previous releases one or the other was used for all esp boards regardless of package ownership. This might have causes the Esp community boards to fail to upload.
  • Debug improvements for esp8266 UDP debugging. Visual Micro will no longer use delay(), will yield() and will poll for OTA updates more frequently when stopped in breakpoints.
  • Free users must update this release by 30th June 2018.
  • Refresh of free version for VS2010 and AS6.2 (but still compatible only with Arduino 1.6.9 and below)

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