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Title: 1801.27 - Release
Post by Visual Micro on Jan 28th, 2018 at 4:35am
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  • Workaround Visual Studio VSIX bug that suddenly refuses to include newtonsoft.json dll in the VSIX. This is the reason the last release was retracted.
  • Copy sub folders when copying/cloning library examples
  • Support the creation of projects with name containing period (dot)
  • Allow libraries to compile even if they specify an incompatible architecture= in the settings. Many libraries specify only "avr" when they actually do work with other architectures. The supposedly incompatible libraries will not be displayed on "Add Library" menus but adding #includes will enable intellisense and compile.
  • Add clearer messages when library headers can not be resolved.
  • Code efficiency: Prevent various internal code exceptions with better validation
  • Fix: Upload failed for Boards that did not use a programmer or a com/ip port to upload when a user had never previously connected a COM port whilst using Visual Micro.
  • Fix: Certain STM32 cores (any core that included both a wpogram.h and an arduino.h) would fail to compile. Visual Micro will now use the "arduino.h" if it exists in preference to the "wprogram.h". This applies to the automatic #include created in the temp folder during compilation. If neither file exists in the core folder then the "arduino.h" is #included (and would be expected to be resolved via the automatically discovered include paths).
  • NB: Visual Micro uses the standard C# SerialPort object in the serial monitor. Some USB/Serial drivers are specified for Windows10 Universal only will fail with C# in WinXp, Win7, Win8 and Win10. Confusingly the arduino ide java serial access works better with Win10 universal drivers than Microsoft's own C# serial port object! Rule of thumb is use the correct driver for the OpSys that you are using.
  • Improved intellisense for SAMD boards (_asm_(x) and _Pragma(x))

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