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Message started by Visual Micro on Mar 12th, 2019 at 2:44am

Title: 1903.16 - VS 2017 + VS 2019 Preview4/RC +
Post by Visual Micro on Mar 12th, 2019 at 2:44am
A VS 2019 compatible release of Visual Micro. Visual Studio 2019 contains some changes enforced by Microsoft which are for the better but cause install for VS2012->2015 to be moved into a different download. Support for the older version will reduce allowing us to concentrate on new features such as tightly integrated GDB.

Download Visual Micro 1903.16.0 RC (supports VS2017 & VS2019)
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  • Additional VS2019 async fixes
  • Intellisense improvements for SAMD

    Download Previous - Visual Micro 1903.12.1 RC (supports VS2017 & VS2019)

    VS2017 & VS2019)[/url]

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  • Build property build.source.path was incorrectly set to the full sketch name instead of the folder path.
  • Inbound serial textbox buffer reduced from 500kb to 125kb. VS2019 can not currently handle 500kb in the textbox. (reminder:  this is a tools>options setting that users can override)
  • Microsoft have moved all top level extension menus such as the vMicro menu to the new "Extensions" menu. As a result Visual Micro has a new tool bar called "Micro Menu". The tool bar contains a single button called "vMicro" enabling single click view of the Visual Micro menu.
  • The Serial Port selection has been moved from the Uploader menu to the vMicro menu making the currently select port more obvious when tool bars are hidden
  • The Visual Micro API has moved from .NET4.5 to .NET4.6
  • Moved from Microsoft Shell.11 to Shell.15 and async package
  • Also includes the current work in progress changes described here

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  • Known issue: Status bar messages are not fully working yet. This is especially noticeable during serial or debugging use. This will be resolved prior to the VS2019 release in April.

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