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Message started by Visual Micro on May 22nd, 2019 at 3:06pm

Title: 1905.24.0 for Vs2017-2019
Post by Visual Micro on May 22nd, 2019 at 3:06pm
pls see the 1905.25 release

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  • Facility to save the selected board and port per configuration (Debug/Release etc). Enable using "vMicro>general>Save board port per configuration".

    Download Visual Micro 1905.24.0 for Vs2017-2019
    Download Visual Micro 1905.24.0 for AS7
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  • Fix: Case comparison issue with json urls preventing urls with uppercase chars from being accepted when loading the boards list

    Download Visual Micro 1905.22.2 (vs2017, vs2019)

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  • Show/toggle hidden files failed for users due to a decimal conversion issue relating to VS version detection. The same issue also applied to checks for GDB debugging.

    Download Visual Micro 19.5.19 - (vs2017+2019))

    known issue in this release: SoftwareSerial debug option will fail to build. Will fix before final release during the coming few days.

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  • Fix: Renaming a non .ino or .pde master file incorrectly prompted rename of the current selected sketch (if one was active in the code editor). This was caused by a VS bug.... Visual Studio ProjectItems() incorrectly return the first item of the requested item name is not found.
  • Switch serial debugger to using a generic #define based on the Debugger>Remote Port (or the default Serial/Serial1 when not set). This allows many more board platforms to be supported by the soft debugger without need for changes to Visual Micro. It is still possible for the upload port to display in the ports list due to the fact that some usb ports can appear long after the upload process has completed (see windows device manager for usb status's)
  • When "Auto select board/port is selected, ignore usb port changes during upload to catarena type of boards. Previously undesirable port changes would occur for boards that temporarily boot into a different upload port.
  • When "Auto select board/port is selected, manually switching the com port will select the corresponding board. note: the auto select feature relies on the vid/pid values returned by the usb driver which must correlate to the vid/pid of a board definition. Some manufacturers share vid/pid within many different boards which renders this feature useless.
  • Themes for the platform explorer, debugger digital pin viewer and watch expressions
  • Ignore contributed board package index (json) files if they no longer exist in either the "arduino ide>preferences" or "visual micro IDE locations > board support urls" lists. Previously uninstalling a url would continue to show the package in the platform explorer unless the package_index.json was manually deleted using windows explorer.
  • Verbose upload is no longer affected by switching on "verbose compile"
  • Implement "No Verify" for older avr and sam boards that do not provide the switch via the platform config
  • Stop all builds if a user attempts to start another build when a build is already running. Assume they want to cancel and not start a new build.
  • The build is cancelled if an attempt is made to run another build. Example, F5 starts build, F5 again stops/aborts the build, F5 again starts a new build.
  • Fix: Board options menu failed to show options after menu #14
  • Esp8266 and esp32 spiffs is now compatible with esp v2.5.1 and also older versions
  • Note: Esp8266 verbose upload in the v2.5.1 core is not recommended because it sends huge amounts of trace data that will require a cup of tea before it finishes.
  • Minor UI improvements, syntax, spelling, charting etc

    Summary of other changes since last major release to the Galleries

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