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Message started by Visual Micro on Jul 8th, 2019 at 5:47pm

Title: 1907.6.7 - Serial monitor fixes after reproducing ad-hoc startup issue.
Post by Visual Micro on Jul 8th, 2019 at 5:47pm
Download Visual Micro 1907.6.7 for VS2017/2019

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  • Caused by recent changes to Async extension for VS2019 but affects 2017 too because it is the same code. The workaround for other VS2019 tool window issues caused a delay creating the tool window frame on some machines causing an internal timer startup failure.

    Download Visual Micro 1907.6.3
    Download Visual Micro 1907.6.0 for AS7
    Download Visual Micro 1907.6.0 for AS7 (v2 VSIX Installer)

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  • Experimental - Black Magic Probe for Esp32

    Download Visual Micro 1907.5.7 for VS2017/2019

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  • Better error reporting when the serial monitor tool window won;t open
  • Show all files failed in Atmel Studio 7

    Download Visual Micro 1907.5.3 for Vs2017/2019
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  • Serial monitor draws correctly but does not work for some users.
  • Hardware Debuggers: Improved connection and usage example
  • Hardware Debuggers: Optimization options fully enabled for Arduino 1.6/1.8, Arduino 1.9 and Energia
  • Hardware Debuggers: Improvements after feedback for platforms:-
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  • CC3200
  • Tivac
  • AVR
  • Esp32
  • Esp8266
  • SAMD
  • Stm32
  • StmF1
  • StmF4

    Download Visual Micro 1906.30.2 for Vs2017/2019

    Visual Micro Status Update: Version 1906.30 of Visual Micro is a result of many weeks of testing and work by our new expanded development team. This release begins a higher degree of professionalism to Visual Micro and more advanced features, such as GDB debugging. Hardware debugging is now a one-click reality for everyone. The new context sensitive tutorial mode shows connection guides and other useful materials in the IDE when needed.

    This release of Visual Micro also allows the Visual Studio IDE to load without waiting for Visual Micro to load. This means that, for example, C# developers can use the IDE with Visual Micro installed but without being impacted each time the IDE starts. The key to Visual Micro late load is to hide the Visual Micro tool bars or to set their visibility to automatic.

    During the coming weeks more granular library management, version control and automated testing will be introduced in the same simple, but powerful, manner as the debugging. We are also shortly to release a revamp of with easier to access and clearer documentation.

    Visual Studio 2019 still presents some small issues such as tool windows can fail unless "Tools>Options>Environment>Automatically adjust visual experience based on client performance" is disabled. We are working to redevelop our tool windows using WPF which will resolve the issue.

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  • Hardware Debug > Custom/Advanced. Uses local debugger_launch.json if available otherwise simply allows for debug build.
  • The .2 version adds protection to async status bar animation to prevent older versions of Vs from crashing
  • The .1 release simply removes the old manifest dependency for  for the
  • Hardware debug adds a new compiler define:- -DVM_DEBUG_GDB
  • Hardware specific Reference and Connection guides expanded for all programmers.
  • File>New>Project includes a project template that shows how to use sub folders for source code in Arduino projects.
  • New "Tools>Options>Visual Micro>Tutorials" group includes a "Debugger Tutorials" property. Switching off this property will stop the context based help messages from being displayed when a debugger is selected or debugger option is changed.
  • Installing boards and libraries using the Platform Explorer now automatically reloads tool chains and makes the changes ready for use. Clicking 'Re-scan' or restarting the IDE is no longer required unless the changes are made outside of the IDE/platform explorer.
  • Added a warning when selecting the "Advanced/Custom" debugger to recommend using rhe built in one-click debuggers instead.
  • Custom debugger_launch.json file name can be prefix with "[configuration_name]." and "[board].[configuration_name]."

    Download Visual Micro 1906.29 for VS2017/2019

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  • Add reference and image links to the output window when a debugger is selected. The reference explains how to connect the debugger and in some cases images to show pin out connection between debugger and mcu
  • Add support for upload property "upload.verbose_disabled=true". The property is set as default for esp8266 tool chains because the verbose output is every byte of the compiled program which is too large for an output window (which scans for clickable file paths).
  • When verbose compile or upload were not enabled custom build/upload events failed to show status messages. (ie: esp spiffs upload failed to show any status messages.
  • Added .lst extension to the allowed copy list when copying build files to local project intermediate folder
  • Removed obsolete note concerning the use of .cpp instead of .ino files from Atmel Studio when Atmel Studio debugging is enabled.

    Download Visual Micro 1906.28 for VS2017/2019

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  • Add: New "vMicro>General>Global Options" menu enabling quick access to "Tools>Options>Visual Micro"
  • Add: Quick access to a new "Disable Optimizations" debug menu selection. Easily switch off optimization of   "Project" or "Project/Libraries" or "All" source code. For more granular settings the F4 project properties window gives control of each type. (note: It is not currently possible to switch off optimization for AVR projects that use HardwareSerial.
  • Add: One-click menu support enabling "GDB Stub" for most AVR mega chips such as Uno and Mega2560. The avr-debugger library is required to be #included in the project, use Library Manager to auto download and install the library from git.
  • Removed: Some obsolete tools>options
  • Added: New options "Tools>options>visual Micro>Shared Core Cache>Clear on Solution Clean". Clears the shared compiler cache when a Solution is cleaned. Defaults to True.
  • Support for older VS2017 installations that have not been updated for a while. The manifest will ensure a c++ version from 15.0 to 16.9 and c++ desktop of same version range. This should resolve installer issues that have been reported by some users but it is recommended to apply Visual Studio updates when they are released!

    Download Visual Micro 1906.26.5

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  • Teensy intellisense changes were missing from previous release

    Download Visual Micro 1906.26.1 for VS2017/2019
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  • Atmel ICE debugger for SAMD

    Download 1906.12 for AS7 (v1 vsix installer)
    Download 1906.12 for AS7 (v2 vsix installer)

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