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Message started by Visual Micro on Feb 5th, 2020 at 2:47pm

Title: 20.02.07 - VS2017/2019 and AS7
Post by Visual Micro on Feb 5th, 2020 at 2:47pm
Download Visual Micro 2002.7.0 for Vs2017/2019
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  • STM32duino intellisense paths and fixes for latest toolchains
  • Ability to exclude certain unneeded variant files from intellisense intellisense.excludes=[semi-colon; sep list of file names without paths]. STM32 is preconfigured with this property.
  • Fix: SPIFFS: Manually installed esp8266 core under the "ArduinoIDE/hardware" folder failed to resolve python path

    Download Visual Micro for Atmel Studio 7 (v2 Vsix Installer)
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  • Atmel Studio 7 - New menu item "vMicro>General>Automatic Attempt to Set Atmel Studio Project Device". Affects intellisense and which processor/device AS7 believes is being used by the current project. There is no direct correlation from Arduino board names to AS7 therefore switching off this option allows you to be accurate with the selection. (does not affect build/compile). Example: Enables Adafruit Feather M0 to be configured as ATSAM21A18A instead of the default ATSAMD21E18A

    Download Visual Micro 2001.3.3 for VS2017/2019
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  • STM32 Debugging / Upload Fixes for NUCLEO_F207ZG + NUCLEO_F429ZI {Forum:};

    Download Visual Micro 2001.3.2 for VS2017/2019

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  • Teensy 1.5 changes for intellisense.

    Download Visual Micro 1912.28.6 for VS 2017/2019

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  • Hardware Debuggers: SAM - Improved support (+ JLink)

    Download Visual Micro 1912.28.5 for VS 2017/2019
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  • Board manager > package installer sometimes suggested incorrect latest version
  • Add GDB support (hardware debugging) for the MXChip Azure IoT Board

    Download Visual Micro 1912.28.4 for VS 2017/2019

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  • ESP8266/ESP32 - Remove verbose property lookup messages
  • Project properties default ".ino" prototype generation to off

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