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Arduino IDE for Visual Studio
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1507.18 Sp2 (Read 2029 times)
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1507.18 Sp2
Jul 18th, 2015 at 10:39pm
Release (1507.05 Sp2) - 18th July
  • Fixed tool chain load issues with versions of arduino below 1.6.2
  • Project property - Extra flags is included in the compile of all cpp/c/s files
  • New project properties:- extra cpp flags, c flags, s flags, ar flags, c.elf flags, elf2hex flags ++
  • Programmers menu refreshes and shows a full programmers list when platform is changed
  • Atmel Studio new programmer option "Atmel Studio Device Programming". This open opens the atmel device programming dialog allow users to manually upload. The location of the compiled .elf will be pre-filled allowing upload within a few clicks. If Visual Micro debugging is configured the debugger will start after the device programming windows closes (regardless of successful upload)
  • Tested digital and analog debugger charts using break-point "When Hit" watch expressions {@ReportDigital} {@ReportAnalog}
  • Installs outside of the default "Program Files (x86)" folder sometimes failed to load in Vs2013 and other Ide's. More so for 32 bit systems.

Release (1507.05 Sp1) - 6th July
  • Removed esp8266 from Atmel Studio (appreared by mistake in previous versions. use visual studio for the esp8266)
  • Fixed Maple builds

Release (1507.05) - 5th July
  • Compatibility improvements
  • Automatic breakpoint insertion on loop(), when Tutorial mode is enabled (see tools menu)
  • Digital and analog pin viewers .net4 compatibility
  • Removed board options 'tool bar' (you can delete the bar if it remains in the ui). Board options are now only available via the Tools menu due to a bug in VS
  • Full paid version has new features:- Install hardware from zip, install library from zip, explore installation folders, view toolchain source code, burn bootloader, library manager, view/explore the full Arduino core and library source code in each project
  • New project properties - "Extra build flags" for the project and also for the currently selected configuration. Works similar to the extra defines option but allow a standard list of compiler flags and include folders such as -I"c:\additonal\linclude"
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