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Arduino IDE for Visual Studio
When Logging a Support Issue in the Forum, please ensure you have also:-
  • Enabled vMicro > Compiler > Show Build Properties and Verbose
  • Re-Compile your program with these settings enabled
Save the new Output to a Text File and....
Support requests without the output above may be impossible to answer, so please help us to help you
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1805.14.1 (Read 864 times)
Visual Micro

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United Kingdom
May 13th, 2018 at 10:13pm
This release of Visual Micro resolves many annoying issues or outstanding requests.

The Arduino framework has changed enourmously over the past 12-24 months. Sorry to all who encountered resulting bugs and thank you very much for taking time to report issues to this forum.

  • Fix problem with the new compiler warnings in arduino 1.8.5 built in avr or any toolchain that does not specify a "default" warnings.
  • Fix intellisense for arduino 1.0 boards. Intellisense had gradually broken after the huge arduino architecture changes over the past year or so.
  • Fix build process for arduino 1.0 boards when more recent custom hardware definitions are installed in my sketchbook\hardware folder. Only hardware that has boards.txt but does NOT have platform.txt is loaded for Arduino 1.0
  • Add source code #line numbers and original source code file name to code in the temp build folder. This enables external tools and debuggers to work with the compiled .elf and object files.
  • Added a new menu item "vMicro>General>Auto Select Board/Port When A Device Connects". This feature is enabled by default which causes visual micro to select a newly found serial port and to use the usb vid/pid to resolve the connected board (if vid/pid is known in boards.txt). Some usb devices share a common vid/pid/driver so this feature only applies to certain boards. Most Arduino boards support this feature. Esp8266 and Esp32 do not.
  • Resolve intellisense issue when toolchain and project are on different¬† drives
  • Implement newer "compiler warnings" syntax for the arduino framework : {compiler.warning_flags}
  • Change "menu "vMicro>Compiler" to support separate warnings for :- Project, Libraries and Core.
  • Fix: RTS was not enabled/disabled in the serial monitor. Will have affected some esp8266 users if their usb driver defaulted to RTS on
  • Support local project source code override for library and core. Skip compile and link of core or library source codes that have the same name as the project source code. This allows selected core and library sources to be used locally in the project for testing or redesign. (The Arduino IDE already supports this feature). For example creating a main.cpp and then click "Build>Rebuild". This provides complete control over the micro-controller outside (or with modification) of the Arduino framework. tip: When the Solution explorer is not "Showing all files", use "vMicro>Toggle Hidden Files" to easily see/copy "core and library" sources.
  • Show more informative error during debug if a break-point message has invalid syntax such as a missing brace
  • Fix: Serial debug support for expressif esp32 boards
  • Serial debug support for nRF boards
  • Resolve Arduino 1.5 avr intellisense issues
  • Slow toolchains such as arduino 1.5.8 might have timed out at the start of the first build of the session
  • Examples show examples for the current board under an easy to see separate tree node in the micro explorer
  • GDPR - Removed anon telemetry at start-up which was used to monitor vs version usage. It might be re-implemented in the future with more obvious user controls.
  • Energia 18 new boards required some additions (java.exe location for RunActions, more to follow)
  • Add new config property and default to ON for Energia which uses a custom action to add a main.cpp to the build folder. In this case, if visual studio is set to "compile files in project", as opposed to "compile files found on disk" then the main.cpp will be forced into the list of files to be compiled¬† := ide.actions_result_in_maincpp=true
  • New menu item 'vMicro>Compiler>Always Export Binary' saves the hex/bin to the project folder after each build. tip: The output files are available in the folder specified in "Project>Property Pages>Final Build Output Folder"
  • Tools>Options>Telemetry>Check for Updates is no longer read only for non-educational users. The tool tip of the property has also been extended to explain some Telemetry information (no personal info) is sent during check for updates. reminder: Microsoft Visual Studio also provides an update notifications facility configured in "tools>extensions and updates".
  • When there are new major releases of Visual Micro. Check for updates will show new release messages in a "quiet" output tool window instead of an annoying on top dialog.
  • Minor changes to the text of menus to make them more readable
  • "File>New>Arduino Project" creates a project with more informative comments in the new .ino file but only when "vMicro>General>Tutorial" Mode is enabled.
  • "vMicro>Compiler>Always Export Binary" - Verbose mode reports file names as clickable links
  • Changing "vMicro>Compiler>Deep Search for Libraries" for a project also changes the "default" setting that is applied to new projects and projects when "Deep Search" has not been specifically set.
  • The reason for debug build failures is better reported
  • The FAQ on visualmicro.com is more obvious and has been updated
  • The Pro version has been merged into a single product. All features available to all users. The license model has changed to provide free download and evaluation for 90 days. After that time the software continues to work but should be purchased. Thank you
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