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1806.1 - Release (Quarterly Update) (Read 902 times)
Visual Micro

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1806.1 - Release (Quarterly Update)
May 29th, 2018 at 4:44pm
1806.1 Visual Studio 2012+
1806.1 Atmel Studio 7

  • Some file:/// paths in the verbose compiler output, such as '# Export' messages, did not support spaces. This caused CTRL+Click GoTo to fail.
  • Implement Cores Cache. Defaults to "On". Each type of core (distinguished by its variable build params) is then used by any project that resolves the exact same core/params. note: The cache is cleared/reset when switching this feature switched OFF.
  • There is a new menu item that enables control of the "Cores Cache". The menu item is called "vMicro>Compiler>Shared Cache for Cores" (the same is available in global settings "Tools>Options>Visual Micro>Compiler"). This option increases build times enormously, especially when building examples and new projects. (note: Verbose mode provides additional messages such as cache location)
  • Fix: "Build>Clean Solution" cleans the build temp folder for all arduino projects in a solution (previously only cleaned the active project)
  • Added new "Micro Application" option for "Arduino 1.9 (beta)" making it possible to configure both "Arduino 1.6/1.8" alongside "Arduino 1.9" and quickly switch between them.
  • Increase serial monitor terminal left margin. (reminder: the terminal font can be set using the lower tool bar on the serial monitor.
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