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GDB with USB Gekko (Read 348 times)

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GDB with USB Gekko
Aug 8th, 2018 at 3:14pm

I created a Wifi debugging patch a while ago, but it was a bit flaky and I was told it would never work properly (something to do with Wifi hardware being controlled from a different processor). Because of this, I recently bought a USB Gekko. I can use wiiload to upload my elf files, and can debug using powerpc_gekko-gdb.exe, however GDB is extremely slow. It can take around 15 seconds to step through each line of code. So I'd like to know if this is normal?
Does anybody know of a way to speed this up. As it stands I would have to reserve debugging as a last resort. I remember my Wifi debugging patch was much faster. One other problem is that I can't interrupt GDB. If I continue without any breakpoints set, GDB will not accept any further input to set new breakpoints. I have used other versions of GDB that allow you to CTRL-C to interrupt the program, then you can set new breakpoints. Is this supposed to work?

Any help will be apprecited.

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