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Colours used in analogue visualisation (Read 374 times)

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Colours used in analogue visualisation
Apr 28th, 2019 at 3:56am

Firstly, thanks for an excellent product.  I just wanted to provide some feedback on the use of colours.

I find the analogue visualisation view hard to use because of some colour blindness problems.  Equally some people red/green colour blindness would likely struggle with the digital visualisation view.

I would find it a great help to be able to control two additional factors in the view:

1) Which pins I am monitoring (with a Teensy 3.6 there 32 lines so the graph gets very messy).  Generally I'm only wanting to look at a couple of them at a time.

2) Which colours are used for those lines.  Being able to reduce the number of traces on the view would then let me use the limited set of colours to my best advantage.

Not a big thing I'm sure on the roadmap but one that I'd love to see.

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Re: Colours used in analogue visualisation
Reply #1 - Apr 28th, 2019 at 3:03pm
Thanks for the feedback it's always appreciated and always appreciate a review in the Microsoft gallery too Smiley

It sounds like you should switch off the automatic analog reporting and use the @plot system instead. The @plot system allows you to decide which pins are monitored and you have more control over colors, line width, triggers etc.

See the serial debugger @plot documentation

In short you just need to add one or more @plot statements in a breakpoint message and optionally tick "Continue Execution".

{@Plot.MyPlotWindow.MyAnalog5.Green analogRead(5)}

{@Plot.MyPlotWindow.Sensor.Green voltage}

{@Plot.MyPlotWindow.Temp.Blue temperature}

Multiple plot statements in a single breakpoint message is simply a matter of adding them in the single line:-
 [code]{@Plot.MyPlotWindow.MyAnalog2.Black analogRead(2)}{@Plot.MyPlotWindow.MyAnalog5.Green analogRead(5)}

You can combine charts in the same windows as per above example or split into different windows by changing the window name. Here we have analog result in window 1 and voltage/temp in window2

{@Plot.MyPlotWindow1.MyAnalog5.Green analogRead(5)}

{@Plot.MyPlotWindow2.Sensor.Green voltage}

{@Plot.MyPlotWindow2.Temp.Blue temperature}

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