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Arduino IDE for Visual Studio
When Logging a Support Issue in the Forum, please ensure you have also:-
  • Enabled vMicro > Compiler > Show Build Properties and Verbose
  • Re-Compile your program with these settings enabled
Save the new Output to a Text File and....
Support requests without the output above may be impossible to answer, so please help us to help you
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1910.06.2 - VS2017/2019 (Read 332 times)
Visual Micro

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1910.06.2 - VS2017/2019
Oct 5th, 2019 at 3:10pm
Download Visual Micro 1910.6.2 for VS 2017//2019

Command Line Tool

  • Fix: Crash in Micro Explorer, expescially in the Examples area as a result of recent DpiAwarness changes for vs2019. Also applied to vs2017 because we use the same code base for both IDEs.
  • Added new tools option "Application Features>Show/Hide Core - Max Levels" (defaults to 4). The mbed framework has thousands of files that take too long to load as shortcuts. This property restricts the number of folder levels discovered when adding src\_micro-api-reasonly\core to a project
    Yield and refresh the display when using show/hide and when adding project spources during the 1st time open of an existing sketch. Prevnts the ide from appearing locked.
  • Add status bar messages with the path of files processed during 1st open of a sketch and when usong show//hide hidden files.
  • Add new arm tool chain paths to  SAMD intellisense
  • Force activation error dialog to on top. It could previosuly be hidden behind the IDE causing the IDE appear locked/frozen.
  • Command line tool new property: -builder-close=false
  • Command line tool new property: -builder-closeonerror=false
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