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VS2017 / Arduino GDB 15.170430.0 / Zero (Read 92 times)

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VS2017 / Arduino GDB 15.170430.0 / Zero
Mar 23rd, 2020 at 7:22am
I've been configuring VS2017 with GDB for an Arduino Zero over the past couple of weeks. It was basically working with the following versions:

Arduino GDB: 15.170415.4
VS Micro: 1704.28.Sp2

Upgraded last night to:

  Arduino GDB: 15.170430.0
  VS Micro: 1704.30.3

Now a .NET exception is thrown and the debugger will not launch. Instead a dialog box opens asking to launch a new instance of VS 2017 (or VS2015).

Went back to last most recent version of Arduino GDB (15.170415.4) and latest version of VS Micro (1704.30.3), which now once again launches GDB, although now there are exceptions being thrown, source lines don't align with breakpoints, and F10 causes descent into other source files, rather than stepping over.  Definitely not normal behavior.

I will try to find on this site and download the older version of VS Micro (1704.28.Sp2) to attempt to restore system to stable operation.  Will report if successful.

If you would like me to try additional things or provide more info, please advise.

Thank you
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Re: VS2017 / Arduino GDB 15.170430.0 / Zero
Reply #1 - Mar 23rd, 2020 at 1:27pm

The old gdb system for vs 2015 was no longer needed when we discontinued support for vs2015.

Today you just need to install Visual Micro. You should uninstall the old vmicro gdb extension and will see that it is no longer available (or required)

When you have the latest Visual Micro installed in vs2017 you simply need to follow our documentation which basically tells you to enable gdb using the new vMicro>Debugger menu options. Select "Hardware Debugging" then select your debugger such as EDBG.

Does this help?

GDB in vs2015 will not work, furthermore there is a different install of vmicro in 2015 tools>extensions and updates. The release notes a year or two ago explained that older ide versions 2012-2015 need to uninstall vmicro and install again from the gallery. However that old version is not supported/updated so use vs2017 or 2019.

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