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Re: Imported Arduino project with Atmel start project not working (Read 55 times)

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Re: Imported Arduino project with Atmel start project not working
Jun 3rd, 2021 at 11:32am
Bumping old topic to check if anything has changed in past 2 years.
Problem is pretty much the same. I previously used mpr121 for capacitive touch, but it's ADC has too low of a resolution and I needed a single chip solution that uses best capacitive tech possible. Also mpr121 is no longer produced.
Currently entire project is running on visual micro and i am trying to get qtouch to work in visual micro by manually transferring project that has been made in microchip studio to visual micro. While I could get all dependencies in one place (folder structure is almost identical to arduino, by storing all the files in src folder), it seems like MS is relying to .cproj file to mark all the files that are included in project, then defining them as global dependencies while in visual micro you have to define every  dependency as ''local driver''.
In this example I would have to include "asf.h", as "src/asf.h", which means I would have to go through every file in entire directory and to the same. Is there any better way to transfer microchip studio project to visual micro? Looking for any options possible. Even if it costs me rewriting half of microchip functions using atmel methods. Would be thankful for any input on this.

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Tim@Visual Micro

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Re: Imported Arduino project with Atmel start project not working
Reply #1 - Jun 3rd, 2021 at 2:00pm

Asf is not part of the Arduino framework. The valid folders are root of project \src or any folder below \src. You can add additional include paths for .h files which would then resolve more easily but it can be very confusing to make use of that feature as it sits outside of the way Arduino works and only allows for .h files (not .c or .cpp)

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Tim Leek
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