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Arduino IDE for Visual Studio

Before logging an issue, please update to the latest release of Visual Micro from the Downloads Page.

When Logging a Support Issue in the Forum, please ensure you have also:-

  • Enabled vMicro > Compiler > Show Build Properties and Verbose
  • Re-Compile your program with these settings enabled
Save the new Output to a Text File and....
  • Click the Reply button and attach as .txt file OR
  • Click here to Email us with the file attached, and a link to your post
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22.04.29-0 VS 2017-2019, 2022 (Read 88 times)
Simon@Visual Micro

Posts: 1401
22.04.29-0 VS 2017-2019, 2022
Apr 26th, 2022 at 2:39pm
Installer Note: If the install for Visual Studio fails, right click and "Open With>Visual Studio Version Selector"

*** NOTE VS 2022 - If you installed a PRE-RELEASE version of Visual Micro for VS2022 (before please uninstall and install from the gallery, or the link below

Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2017/2019
Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2022

  • Fix: Build: Major fixes removing conflicts between packages of same architecture (e.g. ESP32/M5Stack/Sparkfun ESP32)
  • Fix: Build: Core.a archive is rebuilt if build cancelled during the archive creation
  • Fix: ESP32 Programmer Upload (< v2.0.0) - Improved to remove injected prebuild hook #9 to ensure correct bootloader is available for JTAG Upload Using Programmer
  • Fix: Intellisense: PortentaH7M7 RTOS.h path (Reported Here)
  • Fix: Build Hooks: SaveHex pattern now works as specified (recipe.hooks.savehex.presavehex / recipe.hooks.savehex.postsavehex)
  • Improvement: Board List UI: Fully qualified Board name is now shown on the right hand side of the boards list

Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2017/2019
Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2022

Download Visual Micro for Atmel Studio 7
Download Visual Micro for Atmel Studio 7 (v2Installer)

  • Fix: High Speed Parallel build option not enabling on click (reported here)
  • Fix: Micro Explorer > Reference now linked to online documentation when local files missing, e.g. Arduino IDE 1.8.16 onwards (reported here)
  • board.txt supports additional prefixes
    # standard board.txt property. lowest level of priority. a fallback value.
    # test1=

    # avr.test1=(board.target_architecture)
    # atmega328p.test1=(board.mcu)
    # AVR_UNO.test1=(board.boardname)
    # uno.test1=(boardid)

    # configuration name release/debug (case must be same)
    # Release.avr.test1= (board.target_architecture)
    # Release.atmega328p.test1= (board.mcu)
    # Release.AVR_UNO.test1= (board.boardname)
    # Debug.uno.test1=(boardid)
  • Fix: Prototype Generation now correctly handles Teensy FLASHMEM declaration on functions (Reported Here, Alternate Example TSynth Project on GitHub)
  • Fix: UI: Improved scaling fixes for MicroExplorer and IDELocations windows on High Resolution Monitors with scaling applied
          NOTE: This should allow the DPIAwareness Registry key to be set to 1 or removed (shown on the 4K Monitors tab on this page)
  • Fix: Build: Library Caching updated to cater for Cloned Versioned Libraries
  • Fix: Build: Library Caching only outputs cached entries when using vMicro > Compiler > Verbose
  • Fix: Intellisense: MBED Nano Boards fixed for RTOS code (Reported Here)
  • Fix: Line Endings made consistent when Adding Libraries (Reported Here)
  • Fix: Build: Library Caching fix added to greatly speed up second and consequent builds
  • Fix: Serial Debug: Memory Monitor added for ESP32/ESP8266 boards (Reported Here)
  • Fix: Serial Debug: Memory Monitor Line not displaying in Dark Theme resolved
  • Fix: Intellisense: ZWave Uno Beta Boards (Reported Here)

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