About Visual Micro Licensing

We offer two main Licensing models for Visual Micro, the Simple Perpetual Model, and the Annual Model.

These are further split into Non-Profit and Commercial licenses, to accommodate the hobbyists and students needs, as well as those who wish to use the software for commercial purposes.

Perpetual Licenses

Perpetual Licenses allow for usage forever, on the latest version of the software when your support ends. 

Support can be purchased to continue receiving maintenance updates, forum support and licensing assistance.

Annual Licenses

Annual Licenses last 12 months from the purchase date and include all maintenance updates, forum support and licensing assistance.

When Do I Need to Purchase a New License?

Perpetual Licenses

We only ask for a new license to be purchased when a major Visual Studio Update is released.

For example if you have a VS2019 License, we only ask that a new license be purchased when upgrading to VS2022.

These will last for the lifetime of the product within that Visual Studio Version, from Beta to Release, and through all maintenance updates of the IDE.

Annual Licenses

These licenses are time-limited, so when the 12 month license period is over, a new license needs to be purchased.

When Do I Need to Purchase Support?

Perpetual Licenses

If further updates, forum support, or licensing assistance is required, after 3 years from purchasing a perpetual license, support needs to be purchased.

Annual Licenses

All updates, forum support, and licensing assistance is included within the time-limited Annual license, so there is never a need to purchase support.

Why Is it a Paid For License?

There is a limited market for an Embedded IDE such as Visual Micro, and its Windows Only compatability.

There are also a variety of updates and fixes which need to be investigated, applied, and tested for both Visual Studio, and the Arduino Ecosystem, which can take considerable effort and time to achieve.


What About Education Licenses?

We also offer discounted packages for Educational settings to facilitate the improved learning experience, with industry standard tools available with Visual Micro.

To learn more about these please contact us via E-Mail with your requirements.