Arduino Intel Galileo and MeshCentral

Please see our main Galileo page for general help, this page is dedicated to Intel MeshCentral

This is an initial draft of our experiences installing and running MeshCentral

Download MeshCentral support for the Galileo

As a quick overview, here is the breakdown of each of the folders in this package:

  Mesh Messaging Web Page

    A sample web page that demonstrates how a stand alone html document can send and

    receive mesh messages to any device connected to a mesh.

 Sketch Management Web Site

    A sample web site for remotely uploading and manageing sketches on remote Intel(R)

    Galileo devices using Meshcentral. The site allows the user to upload more sketches

    from the site and manage many sketches running at onces on each remote device.

  Mesh Messaging Sketch (note: Unzip this sketch into a folder called MeshMessagingSketch)

    This is an Arduino Sketch that communicates with the Mesh Agent that is locally

    installed on the board. It provides a way to send and receive mesh messages to

    to an online management console and to other Mesh enabled devices.

  Arduino Sketch Upload Extension

    A modification to the Arduino development environment to allow users to upload

    sketches to Intel(R) Galileo devices over instead of the typical

    USB-over-serial connection. Also allows the sketch to be uploaded to many devices

    at once.

*** see how to unpack the zip and username/password setup below

Unzip to the root of Galileo Arduino IDE folder.  Unzipping the zip file into the IDE root directory will:

Modify .\hardware\arduino\x86\tools\account.txt file with your Meshcentral username and password that has permission to the Meshcentral Galileo Arduino node(s) you want to access.

 Modify .\hardware\arduino\x86\tools\meshnodes.txt file with at least one Meshcentral Galileo Node.  Place each Meshcentral Galileo Node on a new line in the meshnodes.txt file.  If there is only one Meshcentral Galileo Node, just have that one Meshcentral Galileo Node in the meshnodes.txt file.  The Mesh Node Name or Mesh Node ID in the meshnodes.txt file should be listed as label in Meshcentral.  Note that Meshcentral does not require Mesh Node Name to be unique; if there are more than one with the same Mesh Node Name, the first found will be used.