Key Features

Many of these features are required to ensure 100% compatibility with the Arduino open source community

  • Supports all Arduino projects
  • Switch Arduino board without configuration changes
  • Supports multiple pde/ino (arduino sources) files per sketch (same as the Arduino IDE)
  • Compiles projects that contains multiple pde/ino sources in the correct order
  • Immediate automatic update of intellisense at all times. (eg: add library, switch board, add method to .pde/cpp etc..)
  • Ultra fast compilation. The Arduino IDE has started to adopt some of our speed improvment ideas. Cool!
  • Provides double click drill down from compiler errors into all source code (multiple .pde/ino, libraries)
  • Compiles exactly the same way as the Arduino IDE. Ensures projects adhere to the same rules as the Arduino IDE.
  • Full help and examples system (more than the Arduino IDE)
  • Supports additional non-arduino cores (same as the Arduino IDE)
  • Additional option to clone an arduino example or open a single example source code
  • Automatically provides examples for all libraries (where available)
  • Optionally toggle visibility of Arduino libraries in each project (for easy edit and/or learning)
  • Multiple Arduino projects per solution
  • Supports both usb and programmer (isp) upload
  • Watch a slow overview of the standard plugin and the debugger upgrade on YouTube