Download the Arduino IDE for Visual Studio

VS 2019!! Tool windows (serial, explorer) might not render correclty in VS2019. We are redeveloping our tool windows, in the meantime please Switch off "Tools>Options>Environment>General>Optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities" if you have issues. 

Note: Visual Studio Community is FREE for most users. Visual Studio is the full Microsoft IDE that is only available to Windows users.

Release notes | Install the Visual Studio IDE | Command Line Interface 

note: Atmel Studio 7 User?  Please install Visual Micro from within the IDE using "Tools>Extensions and Updates>Available Downloads>All"

Visual Micro can also be installed and uninstalled from inside the Ide, by opening Visual Studio and clicking "Tools>Extensions and Updates" (recommended)

or direct download for VS 2017 and 2019 ...

Click Here to Download from the Microsoft Visual Studio Gallery