Download the Arduino IDE for Visual Studio

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Visual Micro is compatible with Visual Studio and Atmel Studio, allowing you to work in your favoured environment.

Note IconCompatability Note:

VS2017/2019/AS7 Licenses are compatible with Visual Studio 2017 and 2019, and Atmel/Microchip Studio 7.
VS2022 Licenses are only compatible with Visual Studio 2022.


If you have installed a Visual Studio IDE, then Visual Micro can be installed..

Click Here to Download Visual Micro for Atmel/Microchip Studio 7

NOTE: Atmel/Microchip Studio has minimal maintenance from Microchip, and less frequent vMicro releases.


If you are new to Visual Micro, click the relevant Tab below to learn about the installation process:



We have video guides available below for how to install Visual Micro in VS, along with the Arduino IDE:-