Arduino Visual Studio - Multiple Sketch Project Intellisense

Arduino intellisense and code completion is available to all Visual Studio Arduino projects. Visual Studio developers are able to use intellisense and other standard tools to explore and develop their own arduino source codes. Optionally explore the arduino core and libraries just by clicking one menu item.

Arduino Visual Studio intelli code sense is automatically updated when the arduino board is changed, when libraries are added and when new source code is added to a project.

Multiple sketch projects are fully supported in single or multiple Visual Studio solutions. A combination of Win32/C# and Arduino applications are also supported in single or multiple solutions. This makes it very easy to create both an Arduino sensor and an instrumentation/monitor application at the same time, or to develop "Arduino A" to "Arduino B" applications.

Board changes and intellisense updates are confirmed in the Visual Studio status bar. If the Arduino Boards selection tool bar is being used then the current board is displayed on the tool bar

Arduino Visual Studio Board Selection 


Typing or pressing CTRL+J in a source code document will display the intellisense options relevent to the selected Arduino Board. In the example below the Visual Studio is showing the arduino intellisense for an Arduino Mega

Arduino Visual Studio Intellisense for the selected Arduino Board

As is normal in Visual Studio most arduino commands are available from multiple locations such as main menus, tool bars and context menus.

Compile and upload commands are provided using the standard Visual Studio commands such as "Build Project" or "Build Solution" or the Green Toolbar Arrow. Arduino ISP programmers and burning of bootloaders are also available via the Tools menu.

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