Configure RedBearLabs for Arduino

Visual Micro adheres to the Arduino 3rd party build process which means it is compatible with ReadBearlabs hardware.

This is a reminder of how to install the RedBearLabs Arduino compatible core:-

Using Arduino and Visual Micro

Setup Arduino IDE and Library

  1. Download Arduino IDE version 1.6 from Arduino website and install it to your PC

  2. Download RedBearLab nRF51822 add-on for Arduino IDE 1.5.7, which including the nRF51822 board configuration and library

  3. Merge the "hardware" folder that under "(downloaded packet path)..\arduino-1.5.x" to the "hardware" folder that under "(Arduino 1.6 installation path)..\arduino-1.6". Merge the folders and replace the files that are existed, no worry, our files do not overwrite the existing boards configuration and libraries. Then in your Arduino IDE folder, inside hardware/arduino, you should see three folders:
    • avr
    • RBL_nRF51822
    • sam