Creating a PicoProbe Debug Probe

The Raspberry Pi Pico board can also be converted to be a Debug Probe, allowing you to debug another Raspberry Pi Pico board in vMicro.

Note IconNote:

The Hardware Debug option for the PicoProbe is available in release 2022.0429.04 onwards.

Creating the Probe

To create the probe, simply flash your board as shown in the instructions below:


Updating Drivers

You will need to use the Zadig tool to update the drivers for the PicoProbe device.


  1. Connect the PicoProbe to your PC via USB Lead
  2. Download the Zadig tool from
  3. Run the Zadig tool
  4. Click Options > List All Devices
  5. Select the PicoProbe (Interface 2) device
  6. Ensure the WinUSB Driver is selected
  7. Click Install Driver (this can take a few minutes)
  8. The WinUSB driver should be up to date as shown below
Zadig WinUSB Driver Installed for PicoProbe

Setting up the Debugger

Follow the Wiring diagram and instructions shown on this page to configure your project for debugging with the PicoProbe.