vMicro Debugger Support Listing

In vMicro you can now debug a variety of boards straight out of the box!

All of these are listed below, and there is more information further down this page to help when trying to select a debugger for use in your project.

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        Arduino Energia Additional USB Driver
Type Debuggers Setup Drivers AVR SAM ESP32 ESP8266 SAMD STM32 MBED
(Portenta H7)
CC3200 TivaC

GDB External

Atmel ICE                        
GDB External  Black Magic                       
 GDB External ESP-PROG                     Zadig Tool Icon
 GDB External F2232 MiniModule                     Zadig Tool Icon
GDB External F2232H Dual RS232                   Zadig Tool Icon
GDB External Olimex ARM-USB-TINY
                    Zadig Tool Icon 
GDB External Segger J-Link                         Zadig Tool Icon
GDB External Segger JLink (SWD)                         Zadig Tool Icon
GDB External STLink v2                       Zadig Tool Icon
GDB External PicoProbe                       Zadig Tool Icon
GDB Onboard STLink v2.1 (Onboard)                           Zadig Tool Icon
 GDB Onboard Built In (EDBG / XDS)                          

Zadig Tool Icon (CC3200 Only) 

 GDB via Software GDB Stub                            

 GDB External +

GDB Onboard +

 GDB via Software 

Custom Debugger    

Further options and boards can be manually 

configured and added by expert users

 vMicro Serial Debugger                        


Choosing a Debugger

When considering the debuggers, its worth considering whether the vMicro Serial Debugger or a hardware debugger is better suited to your needs.

See our comparison chart of Debugging features here


Additional Driver Installation Zadig Tool Icon

If your probe requires the additional driver to be installed, this will need to be the "WinUSB" driver, which needs to be installed on "Interface 0" on your probe.

See the this page about how to install the driver for your debug probe.



If you are having trouble getting started with your hardware debugger (NOT GDB via Software / vMicro Serial Debugger) - please see our Hardware Debugging Troubleshooting Guide