Download Arduino IDE, Compatibles and Tools (Optional)

Visual Micro can work as an isolated environment and/or work alongside other IDEs such as the Arduino IDE.

This pages provides links to some popular IDEs that might provide additional toolchains and pre-installed libraries.

In all cases the same toolchains and libraries can also be installed from within Visual Micro using the Board Manager and the Library Manager.

Download Genuine IDE(s)

These downloads are a mirror of the respective manufacturer downloads provided here to make finding them easier. You may also download any supported IDE direct from the manufacturer sites. Visual Micro can make use of them in the background to discover additional toolchains, cores and libraries.

Using an IDE alongside Visual Micro is optional. In most cases the No IDE option can be used in Visual Micro because the Visual Micro "Board Manager" and "Library Manager" provides download of the same items provided by each IDE.

Teensy (install Arduino IDE first)

tip: Teensy currently only supports specific versions of the Arduino IDE, shown on the Teensy Installer.

      The Teensy installer prompts for the location of an installed Arduino IDE during the installation process (also available in this video)