Extending Visual Studio Intellisense - #if defined (VMICRO_IDE_INTELLISENSE)

12th April 2018 - the next release includes support for a "project/__vm/vs-intellisense-fix.h" that users can optionally add to projects. The vs-intellisense-fix.h file will only be included when using visulal studio intellisense, therefore it does not interfere with compilation.

How to use standard VS macros to control intellisense

Code (C++):

#pragma once

#if defined(_MSC_VER)

//insert dummy defs here


There is additional syntax if it helps you but please only raise clear support tickets in the forum hopefully with suggestions and not problems. Thanks!

You are also able to know when Visual Micro intellisense is active as opposed to a build using the define shown below:-

//example: intellisense.h

typedef unsigned char uint8_t;


Tips: You do not need to #include the header in any source code. The header files does need to be included into the "solution explorer/project"