How to Automatically Pre-Compile Library Archives

This functionality was added in release 2021.0917.6.

Some Arduino Libraries come with pre-compiled architecture specific Archive files, which greatly speed up compilation.

You can now create these with a simple option change in Visual Micro, for any Arduino Library.

Enabling Auto Archive Compilation

Add your Library as a Shared Project, or a Cloned Library so it is available within Solution Explorer as shown below (see Library addition option selection here).

Solution Explorer with Cloned / Shared Project Library Added

Right click the Library project in Solution Explorer

Change the option for Auto Pre-Compile to True.

Library Properties for Auto Pre-Compile

Build your project as normal, the Archive file will be compiled and added to your library, along with updating the file.

Auto Pre-Compile Build Output First Compile

Next time you build your project it will now use the pre-compiled header created above.

Auto Pre-Compile Build Output Subsequent Compile


Note Icon Note:

If you change your library code, or select a different board architecture, you will need to turn the Auto Pre-Compile option to False, then True, and rebuild the project to create the new Archive.



If there is an error updating the library folder the below error will be displayed:

Auto Pre-Compile Build Output with Access Error