How to remove Visual Micro's Menus and Buttons from an Ide

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This page is only for versions before VS2012.

Please see this page for how to remove Visual Micro in VS2012 - VS2022


Older Versions of VS: Applies only to VS2010 and AS6.2

NOTE: If you are trying to fix a problem with multiple visual micro menu or tool bar items then please click "Tools>Reset User Interface". If that fails add the /resetaddin command below to your Visual Studio or Atmel Studio program short-cut. If the problem persists please report it in the forum Cool

After uninstalling Visual Micro using windows control panel (or by running the installer again and clicking 'Remove'), the Visual Studio or Atmel Studio Ide might still contain Visual Micro menu items and tool bar buttons

Run the Atmel or Visual Studio windows shortcut with the following switch appended with a space after the .exe name. After running the ide once, close and remove the /resetaddin command from the shortcut.

Visual Studio: [path to devenv.exe]   /resetaddin Visual.Micro.Visual.Studio.Arduino.Helper

Atmel Studio: [path to atmelstudio.exe] /resetaddin Visual.Micro.Visual.Studio.Arduino.Helper

3) A small number of registry items will remain after uninstall and can optionally be removed by a person with suitable knowlege

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Visual Micro


This guide can be used on its own to fix problems with some new installs with multiple user interface objects and for fresh installs