Local Project Arduino API Source

NOTE: April 2017 - Visual Micro now uses c++ shared projects and shared librares. The older system described below is still supported but using shared projects is highly recommended. Shared projects also maintain greater compatibility with the Arduino IDE.

local project core and libraries are only available in the paid version of visual micro

!! For Advanced Users Only - Standard Arduino Does NOT Use or Require This Facility !!

Pre-release Draft - Beta June 2016  - These are new features in the full/paid version of Visual Micro

  • Local sources can exist below the src\_micro-api folder
  • The .txt files automatically created by the import are for information only (not used in the build process)
  • Core and/or Variants folders can exist. If either is missing the default core and variants are used
  • Libraries can be debugged when held locally. Cores will be debuggable in the not too distant future.
  • If a Library is also installed in the sketchbook/libraries or hardware libraries folder then the local library folder name must match the name of a .h header contained in the library
  • Manually adding or removing local api sources using windows explorer is the same as using the automatic add core>Local workflows. 

If you are new to Arduino please make sure you do not use local project core or libraries.