How to debug an MXCHIP AZ3166 with an Arduino project and GDB?

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The MXCHIP AZ3166 is a powerful development board with a built in STLink 2.1 programmer / debugger, running the STM32F4 CPU which together deliver an on-board debugging solution.

External Debug Interface: SWD


NOTE - Azure Bootloader

Performing Arduino code uploads will remove the Azure Bootloader which is on-board.

This can be easily restored at any time by copying the BIN file back to the "USB Storage Device" which is presented to your PC.

More information about re-flashing this bootloader can be found here

Debugger Connections

There are no further connections to make beyond the USB lead as all USB/Serial communcations to the AZ3166 run via the STLink v2.1 on-board.

MXCHIP AZ3166 Board Connected

Software Setup

Ensure you have Visual Studio and the vMicro Extension Installed

Open your Sketch and select the Debug > Hardware > STLink v2.1 (Onboard)

STM32 Built In Debug Toolbar Settings


Start Debugger

  1. Ensure you have the Debug Configuration selected from the Configuration Manager Window
  2. If you know where you want the first breakpoint in your code, add it now
  3. To start the debugging process, you can either:
    • "Debug > Attach to Process" button if your code has already been uploaded to the AZ3166 board
    • "Debug > Start Debugging" if your code has not been uploaded

MXCHIP AZ3166 Debugging in vMicro and Visual Studio

Congratulations - you should have the debugger running, and further windows can be opened from the "Debug > Windows" menu once you have started debugging