Open Source Arduino Debugger Extensibility Pack - Visualizations

July 2012 coming soon... build your own open source visualizations for the debugger. Working examples will be included with the Arduino debugger upgrade. Digital and analog visualizations are also included.
Adding a visualization that can watch for any debugger expressions takes just a few minutes. Download any open source .NET instrument control from sites such as CodeProject and register it as a visual studio arduino visualization.
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 Click to enlarge. Soon to be released open source debugger visualizations. Digital and analog visualizations are included with the debugger upgrade. Build visualizations using ANY data from an Arduino

The guages above are a single form with a tool bar (no buttons yet) and 3 guages. The analog graph is a form with multiple controls using the open ZedGraph library. The digital pin visualization is a single .net UserControl

There are some standard examples provided with the debugger upgrade (few of which are shown above), all the examples included with upgrade are open source, can be modified and are freely distributable!

Visualizations can be any .NET form or control. This means that we can create a single window with multiple controls or simply a single control. In response to any combination of arduino data we can create visualizations such as simple logging, directX animations or sending tweets to twitter. We can even create a visualization that communicates back to the arduino using the current debug channel/transport or via some other c#/ mechanism.
It takes just a few minutes to register any new visualization control into the Visual Studio plugin. Management of tool window properties, docking etc. is automatic. The visualizations open automatically based upon the debug watch expressions of the current project.
Your Controls are automatically notified when debug data that a visualization is interested in is available. All you have to do is draw your data!
More news...
  • The august/september 2012 release of the free tool will include an Arduino help and examples explorer. With one click in the Explorer you can easily open (or clone) arduino project examples, open individual example source codes and view Arduino reference guides.
  • The debugger upgrade includes an open source "free memory" visualization
Click to enlarge. Soon to be released open source debugger free memory visualizations. Digital and analog visualizations are included with the debugger upgrade and the free tool gets an arduino explorer