Your Privacy With Visual Micro

Here at Visual Micro we take your privacy very seriously, and the below details what information we do use, and how it is stored.


We have a policy to NEVER SELL OR SHARE that information with a 3rd party without your written permission.


When Using The Software

Update Check

The serial numbers of our software and IP address are sent to our server when the installed software checks for updates (new releases).

If the "Check for updates" property in "Tools>Options>Visual Micro" is switched off then this check does not happen.

At All Other Times

At no time is your IP, your code or any other identity information other than what has been mentioned sent to any server.


When Using the Site

Payment Information

We use to implement the secure payment system. Visual Micro do not hold or track any payment information directly.

Storage of Information

Visual Micro implements secure storage for user names and license keys, ensuring your information is safe with us.


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If you have further privacy concerns about using Visual Micro in your development setting, please click here to send us an email, detailling your concerns.