Reasons to buy the full (pro) version of Visual Micro

Note: Discounts available for universities and colleges. Not for profit education can apply for free licences. 20 free licences given per month for informative blogs/posts/reviews (1 for each) about (to apply: please email with link(s))

  • Visual Micro's unique debugger (Read more)
  • Serial/COM auto-detect connection/reconnect
  • Serial send charp style escape characters to the Arduino
  • Serial Monitor - Logging to file/disk
  • One-click create new Arduino libraries
  • Share code from other projects
  • Organize code into sub folders
  • Much faster compilation
  • Local project board.txt build and upload property overrides
  • Data Plots and Charting
  • Uploading without recompile
  • View Arduino and Library Sources
  • Use the Library Manager to install new libraries
  • Disassembly viewer
  • Advanced memory report
  • Almost real-time free memory report
  • Add compiler flags
  • Pre and post build events
  • Support for additional programmers
  • Commercial License: 2 years of free pro updates
  • Personal/Student Licence: 1 year of free pro updates
  • Off-line activation version (with zero-internet) available for site licences
  • Supports open source instrumentation plugins (examples included)

What is the debugger?

Set breakpoints in your code and see how your sketch is working

Watch and change variables directly on your board

Find and fix bugs easily

Measure and optimize your code's timing

and much more

All this without any changes to your code. Simply press F9 to set breakpoints.

Serial.print be gone!

Debug your code like a professional! visit for more information