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Arduino IDE for Visual Studio

Compile and Upload any Arduino project to any board, using the same Arduino platform and libraries, with all the advantages of an Advanced Professional IDE.

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Getting Started with Arduino in Visual Studio VS2019 Arduino vMicro
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Once your 45 day trial has completed, you can purchase a license from our shop.

With flexible options for perpetual and time limited licenses, you can find the license to suit you.

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Open & Create Arduino Projects Easily

Start a new project, or continue with your Arduino IDE project at the click of a button...

With familiar menus and tools at your fingertips, you'll quicky be finishing your project!

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Easily Open or Create Arduino Projects from the File Menu
See all your Project Files easily in Visual Micro

Solution Explorer View

Clearly see all of your project source files and folder structures, so you can quickly navigate, and maintain your project, irrelevant of its complexity...

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Arduino User

Arduino Users

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VS Users

Already Use Visual Studio but not Arduino?

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Install Arduino for Visual Studio and begin your next Project

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Arduino Boards and Libraries

Arduino Boards & Libraries

Search thousands of Arduino compatible boards & libraries with the built-in Explorer...

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Arduino Code Templates in Visual Studio


Project Templates and Code Snippets save you time and effort with every project...

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Streamline with Visual Micro


With Versioned Libraries captured in-project, VC Integration, and Remote Tools...

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Integrate Arduino with Your Environment

Arduino for Visual Studio allows you to continue to leverage your existing Arduino technology and version control stacks, allowing for a seamless transition into IoT Projects for your business.

Visual Studio 2019


Work with the best in class IDE with Advanced Debugging...

Visual Studio 2022


The latest generation of Advanced IDEs for Arduino with integrated debugging...

Azure Dev Ops


Capture source direct to your existing TFS / Azure Dev Ops system, including libraries as normal

Git Version Control


Seamlessly control your entire Arduino project with Git Repos, including the Arduino Libraries that you use

Wireless Debugging in Visual Studio

Wireless Debugging

Debug your ESP32/8266/NINA WiFi project remotely so you can debug your project in its real environment, from the comfort of your PC

All Serial Debugging Features (Charting/Performance Monitoring etc) are available remotely with these boards.

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Universal Serial Debugging

Debug any Arduino board which has a Serial Interface, with unlimited break/trace points, and no loss of performance.

Built in Performance Monitoring / Custom Charting / and more without the complexity of dealing with different hardware!

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Serial Debugger for Arduino with Multiple Chart Series
Using the Arduino Hardware Debugger (GDB) in Visual Studio

Arduino Hardware Debugging

With Visual Micro you can use most hardware debuggers with simple menu selections. Also Fully customizable for the more technical...

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Easy To Use Arduino IDE

Using the normal Arduino framework, Visual Micro is similar to the Arduino IDE, with menus and buttons simplifying board selection, Library and Code additions and Debugging, so you can transition easily...

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Selecting a Board in Visual Micro

100% Arduino Compatible

Harnessing the powerful Arduino Software Ecosystem, which allows Arduino Hardware, and 3rd Party Hardware from STM, ESP, Adafruit, and more to all work seamlessly with the same Arduino software API.

Our software works with all Arduino hardware, and remains 100% compatible with the Arduino IDE software, allowing you to harness the full potential of the examples and libraries available, without any modifications.

What Is Arduino?
Arduino Uno Board
Versioned Arduino Library Example in Visual Studio

Arduino for Business

Save time, cost and confusion by using your Visual Studio Toolset and industry standard Version Control systems with Visual Micro allowing a seamless transition for your development and product teams. Easily manage and develop your Cross Platform Project accross hardware variants and library versions.

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Code Like a Pro

Intellisense suggestions help you code faster with less errors, and with code navigation at your fingertips you'll never struggle to find things again...


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Scalable IDE Windows for Pins and Charting
Versioned Arduino Library Example in Visual Studio

Shared Versioned Libraries

Using our unique Shared Libraries you always know what library your important project is using.

Capturing a library and its version is a simple click, and it can still be used in multiple projects easily.

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Arduino for Education

Our In-IDE Visual Debugging and Monitoring scales to any screen size, and allows you to easily show a large audience detailed concepts alongside your code.

Together with our toolbars, project templates and tutorial mode, you can get the whole room up and running their own Arduino projects in no time.

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Scalable IDE Windows for Pins and Charting


Hobby/Personal Professional
Machines 1 Year * Perpetual ** 1 Year * Perpetual **
1 $12 $100 $45 $200
2 $185 $85 $375
3 $19 $250 $120 $500
5 - - $200 $875
20 - - $499 $1950
100 - - Contact Us
1 Year
$12 $12 $40 $40

*All License Purchases come with 1 Year of support included

**All Perpetual Licenses come with 3 Years of support included

Seamless IDE Integration

With Arduino fully integrated into Visual Studio you can continue to build and debug your code with the same buttons, shortcuts and menus, as when you are working on other platforms and projects. With our new customisable Toolbars, everything you need can be right where you like it, without interrupting your workflow in other areas....

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Hints & Tips

FAQ, Hints and Tips to help you get the most out of Arduino for Visual Studio....

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Can't see what you're looking for? All documents are listed here for easy access...

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