The Wiring Ide for Visual Studio and Atmel Studio

26th Auguest 2016 - Fixes and updates for Wiring Ide

Image of the Wiring Ide hardware being programmed in Microsoft Visual Studio

The Wiring Ide for windows can be downloaded from here

After installing the Wiring Ide we reccomend that one test is made to ensure that upload is working. This setup guide shows the simple steps required to instruct Visual Micro where the Wiring Ide is installed.

Wiring: Website | Forum | Feed | Wiki

Boards that you will find are provided as standard by the Wiring Ide are as follows:-

based on information found at please check the source for updates and changes

custom hardware? please note ...

The Visual Micro build system is pre-configured for the standard hardware "types" included with the Wiring ide and also for Sparkfun custom hardware.

If other hardware is added to the ide then Visual Micro will need compiler and uploader definitions. For each new platform these definitions are stored in a single "Arduino 1.6 style" platform.txt file that must to be located in a folder with a name that matches the new hardware folder (such as "Atmel" or "MLAB" or "Wiring"). Working examples can be found below the "[visual micro installation]\micro platforms" folder.