Transfer a Visual Micro License to Another Machine

Since Build the software can now be De-Activated on a machine, so that the license can be transferred to a new machine.

This should only be transferred within the terms of the license agreement, i.e. it cannot be transferred from a personal machine to a business machine without breaching the terms of the EULA.

Note IconNote

This requires an internet connection for De-Activation, and Re-Activation to succeed.


De-Activating the License

Simply navigate to the vMicro > General Menu, at the bottom there is a De-Activate License button as shown below:

De-Activation Menu Item

Once clicked you will be prompted to confirm this action:

De-Activation Confirmation Prompt

And further output will show in the Output Window, as shown below:

De-Activation Successful Output

Re-Activating the License

This is the same process as activating a new license

Simply enter the license into the vMicro > Try, Buy, Activate Visual Micro screen and click [Activate Full License]


If you have already started a trial in Visual Micro, you can access this screen from the vMicro > General > Global Options

At the top of the properties, click into the License Key, and a [...] button will show.  Click this to open the Try, Buy Activate Visual Micro screen

Having Problems?

Email us with the output shown from the De-Activation, and your license key, and a description of your issue, and we will assist as soon as possible.

The output will indicate an issue as shown here:

De-Activation Error Output