Trial Mode - VS2022

If you are an existing customer of Visual Micro, you may see the below message at the end of the build output if you have reinstalled windows or moved machines:

Output Window: Trial Mode Active

You can complete the trial period, which will expire on the date shown in the output window.


Your Options After Trial Expiry:

  1. Contact us to reset your license if you have changed machines or reinstalled windows, so it can be activated again.
  2. Purchase a new license if this machine is additional to the ones you have (see the Shop page)
  3. If you have already purchased a VS2017/VS2019 license we can upgrade this to VS2022 for free in the below timeframes:

    • Non-Profit / Hobby / Education Licenses purchased in the last 12 months.
    • Commercial Licenses purchased in the last 3 years.
    • Any license where support has been kept up to date.
    • Any 1 Year/Annual License which is still valid.

    If you have purchased a license for the incorrect version, simply email us with your license key and which version you require.