Tuning Intellisense Suggestions

You may find the intellisense hints given seem unsuitable, or you wish to hide langauge keywords from the suggestions list, which is demonstrated and explained below.


Note Icon Tip:

You can use the icons at the bottom of the suggestions window to filter to specific types of hint:


Suggestion Tuning

To change how intellisense matches suggestions, the Member List Mode will need changing in Tools > Options > Text Editor > C/C++ > Advanced, as shown below:

VS Options: Intellisense Member List Mode

Which changes the hints for e.g. "pin" from the (Default) Fuzzy Logic to the simpler Prefix Logic:

Fuzzy Matching Logic

Example: Fuzzy Matching Logic

Prefix Matching Logic

Example: Prefix Matching Logic


Language Keywords

If you want to also hide Language Keywords (void/class etc...) the option shown below can be changed:

VS Options: Intellisense Member List Mode

Keywords Enabled

Example: Key Word Suggestions Enabled

Keywords Hidden

Example: Key Word Suggestions Disabled