Uninstalling Visual Micro

If you do want to remove Visual Micro from Visual Studio or Atmel/Microchip Studio, this can be done following the instructions below.

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1) Load Visual Studio or Atmel/Microchip Studio

2) Navigate to the Extensions Menu, and select Manage Extensions

Extension Menu in Visual Studio

3) Click the Installed tab on the left, and click the Uninstall button on Visual Micro

Visual Studio Extension Manager Window

Note IconNote:

If the button is disabled, there may be an update pending, check this from Help > Check for Updates and complete that update to enable the Uninstall button.

Visual Studio Check For Updates

5) Close the IDE and the uninstallation will complete.


Thats it!  Next time you start your IDE the vMicro menu and Project Templates will no longer be available.


If you have any issues removing Visual Micro, please open an issue on our Forum.